Broadway lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

The Great American Songbook

  THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK explores a century of American popular song, celebrating our greatest singers, songwriters, and songs. The Great American Song Book honors the songs which shaped the American experience and created an emotional history of our times. Song is the most beloved of the arts. People speak of “my song” or “our song.” As we...

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Fascinatin’ Rhythm!

Fascinatin’ Rhythm! FASCINATIN’ RHYTHM! toasts the tunesmiths and poets of Broadway and Hollywood whose collective genius created the Golden Age of the American Musical Theatre and popular song. Fascinatin’ Rhythm! celebrates the musical heritage of America’s great composers and lyricists. Before Gershwin and Berlin, there was Jerome Kern, who is considered the father of modern American...

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