Broadway lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

The Most Happy Fellas -The Great Men of Broadway

  THE MOST HAPPY FELLAS THE MOST HAPPY FELLAS – The Great Men of Broadway salutes the great men of Broadway. From George M. Cohan to Brian Stokes Mitchell, from Ezio Pinza to Hugh Jackman, from Ray Bolger to Tommy Tune, audiences have cheered the Broadway song and dance men who have charmed and enchanted us for over one hundred years. The leading men of the Golden Age of Musical...

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Hooray For Hollywood!

  Hooray For Hollywood! HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! cheers the movie musical and traces its growth and development from The Jazz Singer to Chicago and Dream Girls to Into The Woods. Hooray For Hollywood! celebrates the contributions of America’s great musical performers, composers, lyricists, directors, producers and studios who made the movies sing and dance. There are certain cultural periods...

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Look Ma, I’m Dancin’! The Art of the Broadway Choreographers

  Look Ma, I’m Dancin’! LOOK MA, I’M DANCIN’! The Art of the Broadway Choreographer celebrates the Broadway choreographers who elevated dance in the American Musical from “bring on the girls” entertainment to art. Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Michael Kidd and Gower Champion created masterpieces that expanded the vocabulary of show dance and...

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Anything Goes! The Wit & Wisdom of Cole Porter

  Anything Goes! ANYTHING GOES! The Wit & Wisdom of Cole Porter dazzles with the chic, elegant and witty world of the great Cole Porter.  His music: Lush, lively, romantic and bright. His lyrics: Always sophisticated, bawdy, sensual and sly! A Cole Porter song is like a Faberge egg – exquisitely crafted and one of a kind Cole Porter lived in two worlds: the smart, international...

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With A Song In My Heart: Jewish Songwriters & American Songs

With A Song In My Heart With A Song In My Heart: Jewish Songwriters and American Songs toasts the American Jewish composers and lyricists whose collective genius created the Golden Age of the American Musical Theatre. With A Song In My Heart traces the musical evolution of Jewish immigrants and their children who took us “Over The Rainbow” and led us through the Great American Song...

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