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SING FOR YOUR SUPPER! The Great Women of Song


The Great Women of Song

In a small cafe on a crowded night
In spot of light stands the singer.
And the band begins and the beat is strong
And the room belongs to the singer . . .


From Sophie Tucker to Bette Midler, from Bessie Smith to Aretha Franklin, from Doris Day to Carole King, from Ella Fitzgerald to Whitney Houston, the great women of song have chronicled an emotional history of our lives. Irving Berlin once said, “History makes music and music makes history.” For over ninety years, the women of song have given voice to the Great American Songbook. The music and lyrics of the great tunesmiths live in their voices.

Peggy Lee

Lena Horne

Billie Holliday

Judy Garland

Ella Fitzgerald

Rosemary Clooney

Barbra Streisand

Sing For Your Supper celebrates the careers of the great vocalists who stood in front of the bandstand or in the recording studio in front of a microphone and sang the songs that told us who we were, where we were, what we did and how we felt. A great singer can instantly trigger the soundtrack of our lives. A great singer takes us into the heart and soul of a song. Whether on vinyl, eight-track, cassette, CD or streaming, hearing Over The Rainbow or Sentimental Journey or Alfie or I Feel The Earth Move or Proud Mary can instantly transport us back to a special place in time when it was just you, the singer and the song.


Sing For Your Supper features a cavalcade of singing stars: The greats of Jazz and the Blues, The Belters, The Rockers, Big Band, Pop and Cabaret Singers, The Girl Groups. Join Lena, Judy, Ella, Adele, Barbra, Eydie, Nina, Janis, Cher, Billie and a cast of thousands who will lift your heart and make your spirit soar. Each week, it will be standing-room-only for the great women of song!


Sing for your supper,
And you’ll get breakfast.
Songbirds always eat
If their song is sweet to hear . . .



SING FOR YOUR SUPPER! The Great Women of Song

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