Broadway lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

Let’s Face The Music And Dance

LET’S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE! Let’s Face The Music And Dance celebrates the movie musicals which starred the greatest dancers of the 20th Century. This golden age of musicals fired the imagination of audiences who sat in the dark, watching celluloid images leap and spiral on the silver screen. Let’s Face The Music And Dance explores the rich history of dance in movie musicals and toasts the...

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Hooray For Hollywood!

  Hooray For Hollywood! HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD! cheers the movie musical and traces its growth and development from The Jazz Singer to Chicago and Dream Girls to Into The Woods. Hooray For Hollywood! celebrates the contributions of America’s great musical performers, composers, lyricists, directors, producers and studios who made the movies sing and dance. There are certain cultural periods...

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With A Song In My Heart: Jewish Songwriters & American Songs

With A Song In My Heart With A Song In My Heart: Jewish Songwriters and American Songs toasts the American Jewish composers and lyricists whose collective genius created the Golden Age of the American Musical Theatre. With A Song In My Heart traces the musical evolution of Jewish immigrants and their children who took us “Over The Rainbow” and led us through the Great American Song...

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Another Op’nin’ Another Show!

  Another Op’nin’ Another Show! ANOTHER OP’NIN’ ANOTHER SHOW! is a three-part musical lecture series that goes backstage and behind the curtain to explore the creation of over 30 iconic American Musicals. Meet the composers, lyricists, designers, producers, directors, choreographers and stars who toiled out of town constructing masterpieces of the American Musical...

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