Broadway lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

Dance Fever!-The Hollywood Dance Machine

    DANCE FEVER!The Hollywood Dance Machine Dance Fever! celebrates the greatest dance sequences in the history of the Hollywood Movie Musical. For almost 100 years, the Hollywood Dream Machine showcased the greatest dancers of the 20th Century, who fired the imagine of audiences who sat in the dark, watching celluloid images leap and spiral on the silver screen. Dance Fever! explores...

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October 24 – December 5, 2017
Dancin’ Fools – The Loft Cinema

  Dancin’ Fools DANCIN’ FOOLS – The Art of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly once said that “the history of dance on film begins with Fred Astaire.” One might say that the history of dance on film ends with Gene Kelly. Dancin’ Fools explores the Broadway and Hollywood careers of these two iconic song and dance men who define the Golden Age of movie...

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