Broadway lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

Let’s Face The Music And Dance

LET’S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE! Let’s Face The Music And Dance celebrates the movie musicals which starred the greatest dancers of the 20th Century. This golden age of musicals fired the imagination of audiences who sat in the dark, watching celluloid images leap and spiral on the silver screen. Let’s Face The Music And Dance explores the rich history of dance in movie musicals and toasts the...

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Look Ma, I’m Dancin’! The Art of the Broadway Choreographers

  Look Ma, I’m Dancin’! LOOK MA, I’M DANCIN’! The Art of the Broadway Choreographer celebrates the Broadway choreographers who elevated dance in the American Musical from “bring on the girls” entertainment to art. Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Michael Kidd and Gower Champion created masterpieces that expanded the vocabulary of show dance and...

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