Broadway tours lectures Tucson AZ

Richard T Hanson

Fascinatin’ Rhythm!

Fascinatin’ Rhythm! FASCINATIN’ RHYTHM! toasts the tunesmiths and poets of Broadway and Hollywood whose collective genius created the Golden Age of the American Musical Theatre and popular song. Fascinatin’ Rhythm! celebrates the musical heritage of America’s great composers and lyricists. Before Gershwin and Berlin, there was Jerome Kern, who is considered the father of modern American...

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Another Op’nin’ Another Show!

  Another Op’nin’ Another Show! ANOTHER OP’NIN’ ANOTHER SHOW! is a three-part musical lecture series that goes backstage and behind the curtain to explore the creation of over 30 iconic American Musicals. Meet the composers, lyricists, designers, producers, directors, choreographers and stars who toiled out of town constructing masterpieces of the American Musical...

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One Singular Sensation

  One Singular Sensation The Holy Grail of the American Musical theatre is to either produce or create or star in the longest running show on Broadway. One Singular Sensation explores the phenomenon of Broadway’s longest running musicals. From page to stage, One Singular Sensation explores the making of Hello Dolly!, Cabaret, A Chorus Line, Chicago, Les Misérables and The Phantom of...

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There is Nothing Like a Dame

  There Is Nothing Like A Dame   THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DAME celebrates the women of Broadway who wrote the scripts, composed the songs, penned the lyrics, designed, directed, choreographed and starred in classics of the American Musical Theatre. We lift a glass to the women of the Golden Age of Musical Theatre who paved the way for the women now working on the new musicals of the...

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